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Category: Canon Printer

How To Uninstall The Canon Printer Drivers For Windows?

A printer is a standout amongst the most essential hardware equipment in a business office, so when it quits working, profitability may grind to a halt. When printer doesn’t start working at any condition then the only option left is to “uninstall the printer driver”. Follow the procedure to uninstall drivers for Canon printers within a couple of minutes. Click the Windows “Start” button and select “Control Panel.”   Select “Hardware and Sound” and choose “Device […]

How Do I Photocopy A Document On Canon Printer?

Basic Copying Press “Copy Tab” (to enable copy function of the printer) Place the face-down on the glass pane Start to copy Press Done Start copying another while the first one is printing Double-Sided Copying Press 2-sided copies to print the both sides of a document Press Ok Press Start to scan a page, repeat for each page. Press Done, when all gets complete.  

How Do I Change The Paper Size On My Canon Printer?

You can specify the height and width of the paper when its size cannot be selected from the Page Size. Such a paper size is called “custom size.” The procedure for specifying a custom size is as follows: You can also set a custom size in Printer Paper Size on the Quick Setup tab. Open The Printer Driver Setup Window Select the paper size Select Custom… for Page Size on the Page Setup tab. The […]

How Do I Install My Canon Printer Without The CD?

When connecting a Canon printer to your computer, the system typically does not need to install a driver installed. However, if it is an older system (such as the original Windows XP operating system and earlier), the computer may still require the driver installed before detecting the connected printer. If the CD is no longer available, it is possible to install the Canon printer driver from another source. If the CD is no longer available, […]

How Do I Setup My Canon Printer?

As hardware’s will never work without connecting them, software needs installation. In the event that you have lost the CD for your printer, you can download the drivers for your printer and utilize the drivers to introduce your printer. Otherwise, you have to search for printer drivers manually to let your printers run. You can connect the printer to the computer either using a USB cable, parallel port cable, or SCSI cable and then connect […]