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How Can I Fix The Printing Issues Of Dell Printer?

Fix all Issue of Dell Printer and troubleshooting the following steps:-

  1. Dell Printer Connected by USB reset both end parts that are connected from computer to Printer
  2. Turn off Printer and restart the Computer
  3. Dell Printer power cord unplug and wait for 30 – 40 seconds
  4. After waiting a time, plug the printer power cord to A/C outlet
  5. Printer power turn on
  6. Test a page for print
  7. The default configuration is set for the Default printer
  8. For Printer Network (Connected by wired and wireless Network) confirm that Computer is on an IP address is correct on network



  1. Click and run the printer Troubleshooter to fix and automatically correct printer spooler error. In-depth refer to Dell Knowledge Base article and > How to fix Dell printer spooler error.



  1. Again try to test print a page
  2. The issue is resolved and print a page easily.

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