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How to Use Dell Printer With MAC?

Even though Dell is a window-based computer, Dell printer also supports Window OS, Mac OS, and others OS.

If you have purchase Dell Printer, there is the driver available from dell to enable to make the use of the printer for Mac. The easiest way to install the driver to with the help of CD-ROM that came with Printer. If CD ROM is not available, you can download drivers from Dell official site.


Check Compatibility

Dell Printer has been supporting various versions of OS like, MAC OS. Best way to visit the Dell website and enter your Printer model Number in a search box, find the compatibility info of your printer.

If Your Printer is a very old Model that there is support for compatibility with Mac OS. You will have no Issue to find Dell printer model for Mac OS.


Install Drivers

Installing a Mac OS driver for your Dell Printer to check your computer can use the printer. You can find Mac Os drivers from Dell official site and Download printer drivers.

  1. Click “Start here” under support for small & medium business
  2. Enter the Service tag
  3. Click the “Printer and Imaging solution” category
  4. Printer”Click your Printer
  5. All that’s needed to download the driver and to install it.



Use Basic Printing

Mac OS is able to use only some Dell Printer in a basic model without the driver installed. While it’s not true that for every Dell printer, it’s Worth try on your Mac if you can’t find Mac OS driver from dell official site for your Printer.



Use Network Shared Printer

Basic printing operation to try connecting to Dell Printer over the Network.

If the printer is shared via computer or its’ directly connected to the network, you may be connected and use the printer in at least basic mode.

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