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How To Change Black Ink To Color On Dell a940 Printer?

After going with Dell Printer the main thing strikes in your mind what You will do when your Dell Printer stops working. What you’ll do to troubleshoot it yourself. Though a Dell printer is known for its excellence and reliability, it may fail on the last moment. Let us face it and do not panic. There is no need to run away from Dell printer problems when you can actually fix them by yourself. Read […]

How Do I Clear My Dell Printer Queue In Windows 10?

This will often fix the problem on its own. Open the Services window (Windows key + R, type services.msc, press enter). Select Print Spooler and click the Stop icon, if it is not stopped already.   Navigate to C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS and open this file. You may need to show hidden files or enter an administrator’s password as shown in an image.   Delete all contents inside the folder (But, do not delete the PRINTERS folder itself). […]

How Do I Clear The Memory On My Dell 2335dn Printer?

To Clear the Memory on Dell 2335dn Printer you need to follow these basic steps Press Scroll (left/right side arrows) to feature Setup and afterward press the Checkmark button.   Press Scroll the up/down arrows until you see the item you want to clear. Printer Setup will clear all of the data stored in the memory and restore the factory settings. Paper Setup will restore all of the Paper Setting options to the factory default. […]

How to Use Dell Printer With MAC?

Even though Dell is a window-based computer, Dell printer also supports Window OS, Mac OS, and others OS. If you have purchase Dell Printer, there is the driver available from dell to enable to make the use of the printer for Mac. The easiest way to install the driver to with the help of CD-ROM that came with Printer. If CD ROM is not available, you can download drivers from Dell official site.   Check […]