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How Do I Find The IP Address Of My Dell Printer?

When you have to utilize Print Net setup, you must need assigned IP address. But, how will you find that?  Don’t worry. Please follow the given below steps. Ensure that the printer is on and the Ready message is shown on the system’s screen. Press the right arrow on the Menu button until you locate the Utilities Menu listing. Press the Select button. Press the right arrow on the Menu button until you locate the […]

How Do I Clear The Dell Print Spooler In Windows 7?

Dell Printers are perfectly designed to meet day-to-day requirements professionally and personally too. Like all others, Dell printers have some problems too. Your Dell printer can experience problems, also known as Dell printer problems and start malfunctioning. Some of the problems need instant recovery otherwise, its components can experience some damage. Therefore, to help you troubleshoot and fix some common Dell printer problems, we have brought you a complete comprehensive Dell printer how to solve […]

How Can I Fix The Printing Issues Of Dell Printer?

Fix all Issue of Dell Printer and troubleshooting the following steps:- Dell Printer Connected by USB reset both end parts that are connected from computer to Printer Turn off Printer and restart the Computer Dell Printer power cord unplug and wait for 30 – 40 seconds After waiting a time, plug the printer power cord to A/C outlet Printer power turn on Test a page for print The default configuration is set for the Default […]

How Do I Uninstall Or Remove The Dell Printer?

If your printer won’t print or is printing out a lot of gibberish, then you probably have an error with your HP printer drivers. If your drivers are corrupt or outdated, you will see this. Also you could get the Print Spooler error as a result of corrupt or outdated drivers. Now, we’re going to explain about installing Dell Printer Drivers. For Windows 7 perform the following steps:  Click the Start button. Click Devices and […]

How Do I Connect My Dell Printer To My Computer?

With Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista, you can connect every one of your PCs in your home to one Dell printer, remotely. All you require is a printer prepared with a remote connector, a router set up with a wireless network. The simple steps connect Dell Printer to my computer are given below. Here’s how to set up wireless printing on a Dell using an installation CD: Turn on your printer and a PC associated […]